Saturday, February 20


Get Busy Committee's "I Don't Care About You" dir. by Matt Lenski and Levi's "O Pioneers!" dir. by M Blash. The first can be described as a kitschy animated .gif e-mailable greeting card bitch-slap, the second is what everyone dreams of doing on days off from road trips across the country with Ryan McGinley. Both are wicked fun - and that's why I love them.


Last night one of the bands I manage, Giant Hand, did a little fill-in gig for some extra cash that turned into a headlining spot at the Tranzac. MTV was there for an interview and filmed his performance for "On The Radar".

The following day we met up with Mitch Fillion of Southern Souls, drove out to The Port Lands, parked his car and led him off the grid, over some fences, across some ice and onto an abandoned barge to film a few songs. Somewhere between the cut-in-half barge, the frozen lake, the rusted ships, the dead winter air, the complete isolation and Kirk's echoing voice the experience was unreal. Until Giant Hand's Southern Souls performance is online (which probably won't be until early March - same for On The Radar) check out other bands on the site.

Above is Mitch's most recently posted spot with Grand Analog.