Tuesday, February 9


My flight back from Havana was delayed twice so I only caught the final few minutes of the Super Bowl but I was happy to discover that a Google ad I had previously blogged about was squeezed in between the rest of the multi-million dollar 30 second spots. I haven't watched all the ads yet, but I really love what Google did. There's something about its simplicity and its ability to create a "meaningful" narrative that's really fresh in comparison to the other Super Bowl spots - not to mention the fact that it's framing Google in a new light; as something relatable to all of us and as something more than just a search engine, as something we can all use to create and share. 



This evening I attended MASS Talk No. 8 which featured a presentation followed by a Q&A session with Jowi Taylor. 

"During his decade-long tenure at CBC Radio, Jowi Taylor was host, writer and co-producer of such notable series as Global-Village, The Wire (winner of a 2006 Peabody Award), The Nerve (currently re-running Sunday nights on Radio Two) and Invisible Cities. 

Jowi's independent project Six String Nation explores history, geography, identity and the shifting parameters of Canadian culture through the lens not just of music but of one very special guitar."

Although I was fashionably late and missed the majority of Taylor's talk, what I found most interesting was the personal revelation of his inability to secure funding for such a national, and iconic, cultural movement - as a direct result of political elections and red tape within the arts and culture community at a national level. The Six String Nation goes beyond highlighting the development of a Canadian musical identity and can be viewed as a new, unified cultural signifier of Canada. Unlike the tired beaver or the over-saturated image of an inukshuk, the Six String Nation is an emblem of Canada's past as well as an opportunity to showcase it's future, providing a level of cultural accessibly that is relatable to all Canadians.

The Six String Nation project is the ideal branding of Canada's malleable identity - past, present, and future - and as preparations are made for 150! it will be interesting to see if Taylor's vision will be consumed by obsession or embraced by a nation - hopefully the latter.